Reclaim Your Lovership

Written by clinical sexologist, Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed., this 53-page innovative ebook and self-reflection journal is filled with empowering views on sexual pleasure, sexual empowerment, and sexual healing. This sex-positive, pleasure-affirming book is for those struggling with sexual distress and wanting to unpack and unlearn self-limiting beliefs about the healing relationship to their erotic embodiment, The Erotic Self. Filled with self-reflection prompts to guide you to reclaim your healing narrative that centers your sexual liberation unapologetically, this ebook and journal challenges societal and sexual assumptions and expectations ("The Defaults") and offers a refreshing look at an experience-focused lovership.

Thank you for choosing you!

As a clinical sexologist and self-healer, I believe we all experience our own unique set of events that affect our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, and sexual well-being- our WHOLE-Self. 

With this erotic coaching ebook, Healing The Erotic Self Life, I give out of the audacity in the hopes that you choose yourself and be better for it. I share because I realize those societal and sexual assumptions and expectations cause sexual distress, be it sexual guilt, sexual anxiety, and/or sexual shame.

Defined by research sexologist, Dr. Shemake Thorpe, Ph.D., sexual distress is “negative emotional responses such as worry, anxiety, frustration, bother, or feelings of inadequacy that people experience related to their sex lives, and sexual functioning” (Instagram @DrShemeka, 2023). The healing of sexual distress is not the absence of emotional discomfort or psychosomatic pain. Healing is the ability to return to homeostasis or balance. Balance being the ability to manage the intensity of pain and discomfort caused by sexual distress. Healing sexual distress is sexual healing. Sexual healing is the therapeutic, spiritual, and emotional transformation of one’s erotic energy (Meyers, 2014).

This e-book, Healing The Erotic Self is also a self-reflection journal for your sexual healing. Your sexual healing requires you to have the audacity to center yourself and prioritize yourself and become so skilled in your healing that your living is filled with joy and pleasure. Use this journal to unpack societal and sexual assumprtions and expectations, "The Defaults", and challenge self-limiting beliefs to discover liberatory ways of using the erotic to reclaim your erotic narrative and begin the journey towards your sexual healing and sexual liberation.

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