Learn how to choose yourself with The Erotic

From the pleasure-manifesto, Uses of the Erotic by Audre Lorde, this 60-minute coaching session will teach you the 7 uses of the erotic and support your commitment in centering yourself and transform your healing.

You will discover:

1) How to priotize pleasure over satisfaction.

2) The 8 areas of your embodiment that impacts your sensuality, your eroticism and desirability, and most importantly-your healing;

3) How to apply the 7 uses of the erotic to re-imagine pleasure and reclaim your agency and autonomy/power;

4)How The Erotic will provide space for you to explore your erotic self-awareness

This is Session 1 of the Healing The Erotic Self Life Coaching Program. 

Please note: This coaching program or services offered are not a replacement for therapy or medical intervention. If you are still tender in your healing, please ensure you have a supportive network to support you in your healing.

About the Coach

Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed. (Queen/they/SistaSexologist) is a believer of post-traumatic growth and healing. They are a private practice clinical somatic sexologist, certified hypnotherapist, cannabis & plant medicine advocate, and transformational life & erotic coach, in addition to, a decolonial professional development coach & consultant.

They offer a variety of support including coaching, consultations, workshops, talks, and retreats.

They use a variety of healing and care practices such as story-telling, affirmations, Kemetic Yoga, and meditation, breath and energy work, and most recently hypnotherapy and erotic hypnotherapy. 

Their mission is to curate healing spaces to guide individuals, relationships, and groups to create safety, manage stress, dissolve self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, create a sustainable plan for intimacy and wellness. 

Session Curriculum

  Uses of The Erotic Coaching Course
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